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More students say university is not a good value for money

From BBC News: “More students think they are not getting good value for money from university, suggests an annual survey. It found 31% of students… Read More

Momentum for “micro-credentials” builds as workers seek new skills

From Public News Service: “Now the toll being taken on the economy by the coronavirus pandemic is giving microcredentials a huge burst of momentum. A… Read More

Texas A&M University System Creates Scholarship Fund

From Inside Higher Ed: “The Texas A&M University system Board of Regents will create a $100 million scholarship fund to address diversity issues and assist… Read More

UK Universities favour blended learning model for the new academic year

From Times Higher Education: UK universities are planning to deliver blended teaching models from the autumn in a bid to maintain the “full student experience”… Read More

Who is reaching out to train middle-skill workers?

From Working Nation: Middle-skill jobs make up more than half of the U.S. labor market, and roles requiring more than a high school diploma but… Read More

Transform K-12 to K-14 to help address inequalities within higher education

From the Hechinger Report: Anthony Carnevale argues that “making 14 the new 12” will help address some of the inequalities in education. He says that… Read More

Learning from your idols?

From EdSurge: MasterClass, a San Francisco-based startup that offers live and pre-recorded lessons from celebrity experts about their craft has just raised $100 million in… Read More

Many international students will change plans rather than study online

From University World News: A recent survey of 6,900 students by IDP Education found that, of those who had received an offer of a place… Read More

Colleges prepare for big declines in new international student enrollments

From Inside Higher Education: Survey data show that about 90% of existing international students currently remain in the US. However, the University of Arizona, for… Read More

A race against time as visa offices remain closed

From The Chronicle: Border restrictions have halted most international travel, and students face lengthy quarantines upon entry. With most American consulates around the globe closed,… Read More

Confusion reigns over who is entitled to CARES funding?

From Inside Higher Education: In a statement on its website and a court filing over the Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Department of Education said… Read More

UC votes to phase out SAT & ACT tests

From CNBC: The University of California Board of Regents voted 23 to 0 to approve President Janet Napolitano’s plan to phase out use of the SAT and… Read More

Remember MOOCs? After near death, they’re booming

From New York Times: Millions of adults have signed up for Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in the last two months, a jolt that could… Read More

Trump administration considering amending right to remain and work regulations for international students

From The Chronicle: The Trump administration is reportedly weighing whether to set limits on a program that is a major incentive for foreign students to… Read More

The hidden peril of Zoom school…

From Forbes: In Zoom school, behavioral issues are hidden. In part, this is because of technology: on Zoom, it’s not clear to teachers who’s not… Read More

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