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With the fall approaching, colleges reevaluate vaccination mandates

From Higher Ed Dive: “Nationwide, more than 580 campuses are requiring at least some students or employees to get the coronavirus vaccine, according to The… Read More

Forcing students to get vaccinated ‘wrong’, says university union

From Times Higher Education: “The Times reported that Boris Johnson had suggested making vaccination compulsory for students in higher and further education, subject to medical… Read More

UK ‘must solve’ quarantine capacity problem for red-list students

From Times Higher Education: “The arrival in the UK of a potential 100,000 international students from Covid red-list countries in the coming months presents a… Read More

The majority of Americans lack a college degree. Why do so many employers require one?

From The Washington Post: “Employers have been sleepwalking into a system that screens out the majority of workers, including millions of people who possess sought-after… Read More

Cheating firms offer to attend Chinese students’ online courses

From Times Higher Education: “Contract cheating services have taken advantage of the shift to online teaching by offering to take entire modules for students, including… Read More

Western universities hesitant on India branch campuses

From Times higher Education: “Most overseas universities are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to opening branch campuses in India, as the nation’s government makes… Read More

Is this finally the moment for competency-based education?

From Open Campus Media: “With a few exceptions—most notably Western Governors University, which told me this week that more than 49,000 students graduated from its… Read More

New student-visa data paint an optimistic picture for fall enrollments

From The Chronicle: “As U.S. consulates around the world reopen, student-visa issuance is returning to pre-pandemic levels, bringing relief to American colleges that had feared… Read More

Parent loans ‘fraught with peril’ as default rates hit 20, 30 percent at many colleges

From Newsweek: “One out of every four federal dollars lent for undergraduate education last year went to parents and a stunning 22 percent of that… Read More

Funding cuts to go ahead for university arts courses

From The Guardian: “Ministers have been accused of ‘one of the biggest attacks on arts and entertainment in English universities in living memory’ after proposals… Read More

A ‘breaking point’ in campus mental health. Colleges struggle to respond to clusters of suicides.

From The Chronicle: “… Multiple deaths in close proximity – have raised concerns of ‘suicide contagion’ on campuses. Research has shown that exposure to suicide… Read More

20% of year 2&3 students have no ‘real friends’ at university

From University World News: “One in every five students in years two and three in the United Kingdom say they don’t have a ‘real friend’… Read More

Best practice for higher education leaders

From Saleforce: “When institutions are proactive rather than reactive, they can prevent students from having to seek help in the first place. … The Office… Read More

Use technology as an enabler

From Salesforce: “Create belonging in online communities: In a survey, students said online communities were vital to helping them adapt to the pandemic. Almost… Read More

What is emotional intelligence and why do we need to teach it?

From Observatory: “Skills for self-knowledge, emotional management, and efficient communication have become a critical need in pandemic times. … A high level of emotional intelligence… Read More

Bristol’s ‘Science of Happiness’ course re-packaged as a BBC podcast

From University of Bristol: “A new BBC podcast will bring the University of Bristol’s ground-breaking Science of Happiness course to a much wider audience. …… Read More

Could the summer slide become a Covid crash?

From The Chronicle: “Forget summer slide — the well-documented skills slippage students experience over summer break. This year, some fear it might seem more like… Read More

A new higher ed coalition forms to push for doubling of Pell Grants

From Forbes: “The Double Pell Alliance is launching a campaign to advance the #DoublePell movement. Its website can be found here. … The membership of… Read More

FAFSA completion falls 4.8%

From Inside Higher Ed: “An estimated 53.3 percent of the Class of 2021 completed a FAFSA by July 2. But about 102,000 fewer seniors completed… Read More

Campuses fear losing 10 per cent of fees as Europeans stay away

From Times Higher Education: “Some English universities could lose up to 10 per cent of their fee income if forecasts about the loss of revenue… Read More

MIT & Harvard have sold higher education’s future

From The Chronicle: ”…Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sold their edX platform to a for-profit company for $800 million. … Their decision… Read More

Online education provider is worth $7 billion after going public

From Forbes: “At its last fundraising round in July 2020, the company [Coursera] was valued at $2.6 billion according to Pitchbook. It’s now worth nearly… Read More

Is your OPM really sharing the risk?

From RNL: “Opting for an Online Program Management (OPM) partner to jump start a school’s online programming needs may be a tempting short-term solution. …… Read More

How parents are thinking about paying for college

From Bloomberg: “Parents are shouldering an increasing percentage of the burden. More than half of the cost of college for the average student is met… Read More

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