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Northeastern move for Mills meets big Silicon Valley demand

From Times Higher Education: “Northeastern University’s move to bail out Mills College in Oakland was projected by experts to answer a huge demand for technical… Read More

He wants more academics to get involved in their communities. So he’s running for governor.

From The Chronicle: “Chris Jones, a former assistant dean of graduate education at MIT, is running for governor in Arkansas. … Jones announced that he… Read More

Gavin Williamson heralds GCSE grade bar for entry to university

From Times Higher Education: “The education secretary has heralded the advent of a minimum GCSE grade requirement for entry to university in England, while urging… Read More

Lukewarm on Juneteenth

From Inside Higher Ed: “Scholars elsewhere have similarly lukewarm feelings about universities celebrating Juneteenth, as Black faculty members and students continue to be underrepresented and… Read More

‘Cynical and illegitimate’: Higher-Ed groups assail legislative efforts to restrict teaching of racism

From The Chronicle: “A raft of higher-education organizations voiced their ‘firm opposition’ on Wednesday to legislation that they say aims to bar or impede instructors… Read More

A moment of reckoning

From Inside Higher Ed: “The Pew Research Center last year found that 49 percent of U.S. adults say we haven’t done enough to secure equal… Read More

To fill millions of open jobs, many workers need more than skills

From The New York Times: “…Labor experts and some large employers point to another issue: the so-called last-mile problem. It is one thing to have… Read More

LinkedIn CEO shares his best advice to new grads looking for jobs and what he wishes he’d known at the start of his career

From World Economic Forum: ”Data from our 2021 Grads Guide to Getting Hired shows the hiring rate for fresh college grads returned to pre-COVID levels… Read More

Need cybersecurity or data analytics skills training? IBM can help

From Working Nation: “In this week’s Work in Progress podcast, IBM’s Justina Nixon-Saintil, VP and Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, joins me to discuss… Read More

Many university students don’t graduate. Why not give them an associate degree?

From EdSurge: “Colorado is poised to enact legislation that will allow four-year institutions to offer associate degrees to students who have dropped out despite making… Read More

How did the COVID-19 pandemic change the education industry forever?

From Observatory of Educational innovation: “According to a report in Statista, 49% of the student population worldwide affirmed having enrolled in an online course in… Read More

AI-powered virtual student enrolls at Chinese university

From Times Higher Education: “A human-like virtual student powered by artificial intelligence has been enrolled in one of China’s top universities – to study computer… Read More

Death of three-hour exam looms as pandemic reshapes assessment

From Times Higher Education: “Traditional three-hour university exams may soon be a thing of the past as leading UK institutions eye a switch to online… Read More

Set targets for white working-class access, MPs tell regulator

From Times Higher Education: ”England’s sector regulator should set specific targets to improve the entry rate of white working-class students to higher education, MPs say…. Read More

Imperial head: no more ‘dull lectures in crowded auditoriums’

From Times Higher Education: “University students will no longer accept ‘dull lectures in crowded auditoriums,’ according to the president of Imperial College London. Giving the… Read More

The pandemic is a chance to rethink education, not settle for online lectures

From The Guardian: “We envision a future in which big lecture rooms with several hundred seats are progressively replaced by a more flexible educational system,… Read More

The future of the physical campus

From Inside Higher Education: “This episode of The Key podcast examines that landscape by looking at the University of Akron’s decision to sell, repurpose or… Read More

Big lectures ‘a thing of the past’, says Berkeley chancellor

From Times Higher Education: “The decision by the University of California, Berkeley to scrap plans to build a large new lecture theatre on campus following… Read More

Spring enrollment’s final count is in. Colleges lost 600,000 students.

From The Chronicle: “New data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center provides a final tally of the enrollment decline higher education saw during the… Read More

Boom, not bust, for employer-funded learning

From Inside Higher Education: “A $150 million investment in Guild Education, which helps employees find the learning they need, suggests continued growth in the market…. Read More

The pandemic has provided space and time to reflect, especially about careers and life moving forward

From Pearson: “56% of college students are reconsidering their career path as a result of the pandemic … 45% of college students have been inspired… Read More

A clean slate

From Inside Higher Education: “Historically Black colleges and universities are forgiving students’ debts with the hopes of alleviating some of the financial strains of the… Read More

A year after Floyd, US campuses avoid major police reform

From Times Higher Education: “Dozens of US colleges and universities have faced calls from their students and others to end armed patrols by campus or… Read More

More colleges are going mask-optional — some by choice, others by law

From The Chronicle: “In an early sign of an anticipated ‘return to normal’ this fall, at least 58 colleges have announced they’re ending or loosening… Read More

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