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Persistence and retention

From National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Seventy-five percent of students who started college in the first fall of the COVID-19 pandemic returned for their second… Read More

Are Coke and Pepsi campuses bad for public health?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “At the University of Florida, all Pepsi drinks must be served in Pepsi-approved cups, which are usually branded, although… Read More

MasterClass lays off 20% of employees as tech cuts continue

From Gizmodo: “… MasterClass CEO David Rogier said on Twitter that he had to make the ‘really hard decision’ to cut back on the company’s… Read More

Confucius institutes reappear under new names – report

From University World News: “Of 118 Confucius Institutes that existed in the US, 104 closed by the end of 2021 or are in the process… Read More

Student loan system ‘out of control’ as graduates leave uni with £100k to repay

From The Mirror: “More students are leaving university with crippling debts of over £100,000. … And figures acquired by the Sunday Mirror reveal 4.5 million… Read More

Three education secretaries appointed in three days amid Boris Johnson leadership chaos

From itv: “… there was only one remaining minister in the Department for Education in the crucial run-up to GCSE and A-level results. … Michelle… Read More

Whose job is it to help students make friends?

From Wonke: “Ever since we started doing mass polling on loneliness back in 2019, there’s been this clear sense that friendship and the building of… Read More

What’s wrong with students? No—what’s wrong with us?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Three factors, none of which reflect bad intention or malevolence on our parts as administrators, faculty and staff, come together to… Read More

As student engagement falls, colleges wonder: ‘Are we part of the problem?’

From EdSurge: “As the pandemic progresses, professors are sharing stories about what feels to them like widespread student disengagement. … It’s often said that online… Read More

Do US campus ‘crime labs’ hurt the communities they seek to help?

From Times Higher Education: “Efforts by US universities to cut local crime rates may be backfiring in places … The initiatives include the Crime Lab… Read More

US campuses quickly embracing online student services platforms

From Times Higher Education: “Years after the technology started spreading in other industries, at least 131 institutions took the leap in 2021 into modern cloud-based… Read More

A passport to work

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “When Anson Tan got the call offering him an internship with a major airline, the junior business and finance… Read More

Post-pandemic study habits in university students

From Institute for the Future of Education: “According to the survey results, virtual education led 66% of university students to acquire between one and two… Read More

Fact sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration announces over $25 billion in American rescue plan funding to help ensure every American has access to high speed, affordable internet

From The White House: “The Biden-Harris Administration is announcing new investments from the American Rescue Plan to help provide every American with access to affordable,… Read More

Facebook seems to be adding video-course features. For Edtech, that raises old fears.

From EdSurge: “The tech giant Meta, widely known under its previous name Facebook, seems to be eyeing a way to allow users to offer video… Read More

Shifting skills, moving targets, and remaking the workforce

From Boston Consulting Group: “A comprehensive look at job listings from 2016 through 2021 reveals significant changes in requested skills, with new skills appearing, some… Read More

Smoke without fire? Inside the college price-fixing case

From University World News: “Congressional staffers in Washington are keeping a wary eye on the progress of a class action antitrust case that alleges that… Read More

Create 50 campuses in higher education ‘cold spots’, says report

From Times Higher Education: “The Westminster government should see higher education as integral to the levelling-up agenda instead of ‘taking any opportunity to pick a… Read More

Congress should scrutinize higher ed’s use of predictive analytics, watchdog says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “They’re the invisible infrastructure that colleges and universities rely on to target prospective students for recruitment, to build financial-aid… Read More

With money from Facebook, 10 colleges turn their campuses into ‘metaversities’

From EdSurge: “Ten higher education institutions across the U.S. have signed up to create digital versions of themselves that look 3D and feel immersive when… Read More

Preparing for the metaverse with e-portfolios

From Inside Higher Ed: “Colleges and universities must think now about the practical steps they should take to prepare for such a new type of… Read More

Guild education reaches $4.4 billion valuation as labor market demands continue—and a downturn threat rises

From Forbes: “Guild Education cofounder and CEO Rachel Romer Carlson is no stranger to celebrity. … Still, Carlson, who Forbes has named one of America’s… Read More

A radical change for admissions

From Inside Higher Ed: “Imagine a new way for colleges to admit students: students don’t apply. They just create a single, basic portfolio, showing their… Read More

US students make gains in lawsuits over online teaching

From Times Higher Education: “Two years into the pandemic, US students are having some initial success in suing their institutions for abruptly moving courses online,… Read More

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