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Admissions without applications

From Inside Higher Ed: “ … second company offering a service in which students create profiles and colleges admit them. … Sage Scholars expects about… Read More

America’s hidden common ground on public higher education: What’s wrong and how to fix it

From Public Agenda: “Most Americans (86 percent) across political affiliations agree that a college education can help working adults advance their careers. Fewer (64 percent)… Read More

Microcredentials: A new category of education is rising

From University World News: “Microcredentials include certificates, digital badges, licences and apprenticeships … There are several primary drivers of non-degree credentials. First, according to the… Read More

Studying medicine in a post-roe America

From Inside Higher Ed: “For years, aspiring ob-gyns at Louisiana State University’s School of Medicine have driven four hours from the New Orleans institution to… Read More

House committee: End loophole allowing tuition-share agreements between OPMs and colleges

From Higher Ed Dive: “A powerful congressional committee is urging the U.S. Department of Education to no longer allow colleges to have tuition-sharing agreements with… Read More

‘Friends’ lack of diversity ‘embarrassed’ its co-creator. So she made a $4-million decision

From Los Angeles Times: “Marta Kauffman remembers being bothered: Why were so many people picking on ‘Friends’? … Despite its success, though, the comedy was… Read More

Unlocking stranded credits

From Inside Higher Ed: “Ithaka S+R published its latest report on the problem of what it calls ‘stranded credits,’ because students have completed the academic… Read More

English universities pledge to reverse grade inflation

From Times Higher Education: “Universities in England have made a first-of-its-kind commitment to reversing grade inflation after admitting that the spiralling number of first-class degrees… Read More

UK universities help Ukraine ‘twins’ through and beyond war

From University World News: “So far, 71 universities have confirmed twinning partnerships with Ukrainian universities under an initiative coordinated by the Cormack Consultancy Group and… Read More

UK university and Indian IIT to offer joint degree for first time

From Times Higher Education: “In a first-of-its-kind deal, an Indian Institute of Technology and a foreign university have agreed to offer a joint degree, Times… Read More

Abortion is a higher-ed issue

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Abortion makes it possible for students to pursue, and complete, higher education. Research has shown that the ‘most common… Read More

A new way to help college students transfer: Admit them to two schools at once

From The Hechinger Report: “Guaranteed and dual admissions — under which students are accepted to both two- and four-year programs at the same time —… Read More

Why employers should fund debt-free education programs

Harvard Business Review: “Guild analyzed 15,000 prospective students in the calendar years of 2020-2021, across multiple employers that offered both full and partial tuition assistance… Read More

Blurring the lines between education and workforce

From The Hechinger Report: “One idea that’s been gaining steam since last year is to break down barriers between high school, college and career to… Read More

The most popular degrees pay off

From Georgetown University: “The Most Popular Degree Pays Off: Ranking the Economic Value of 5,500 Business Programs at More Than 1,700 Colleges finds that the… Read More

Persistence and retention

From National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Seventy-five percent of students who started college in the first fall of the COVID-19 pandemic returned for their second… Read More

Are Coke and Pepsi campuses bad for public health?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “At the University of Florida, all Pepsi drinks must be served in Pepsi-approved cups, which are usually branded, although… Read More

MasterClass lays off 20% of employees as tech cuts continue

From Gizmodo: “… MasterClass CEO David Rogier said on Twitter that he had to make the ‘really hard decision’ to cut back on the company’s… Read More

Confucius institutes reappear under new names – report

From University World News: “Of 118 Confucius Institutes that existed in the US, 104 closed by the end of 2021 or are in the process… Read More

Student loan system ‘out of control’ as graduates leave uni with £100k to repay

From The Mirror: “More students are leaving university with crippling debts of over £100,000. … And figures acquired by the Sunday Mirror reveal 4.5 million… Read More

Three education secretaries appointed in three days amid Boris Johnson leadership chaos

From itv: “… there was only one remaining minister in the Department for Education in the crucial run-up to GCSE and A-level results. … Michelle… Read More

Whose job is it to help students make friends?

From Wonke: “Ever since we started doing mass polling on loneliness back in 2019, there’s been this clear sense that friendship and the building of… Read More

What’s wrong with students? No—what’s wrong with us?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Three factors, none of which reflect bad intention or malevolence on our parts as administrators, faculty and staff, come together to… Read More

As student engagement falls, colleges wonder: ‘Are we part of the problem?’

From EdSurge: “As the pandemic progresses, professors are sharing stories about what feels to them like widespread student disengagement. … It’s often said that online… Read More

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