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College rankings are ‘a joke,’ Education Secretary says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Education Secretary Miguel A. Cardona called college rankings ‘a joke,’ and took aim at selective colleges’ obsession with them… Read More

Degrees of risk: What Gen Z and employers think about education-to-career pathways…and how those views are changing

From American Student Assistance & Jobs for the Future: “There are some 11.4 million unfilled positions in the U.S. today, many of which do not… Read More

US abortion ruling leads to surge in students mulling transfers

From Times Higher Education: “About 20 percent of students currently based in areas where anti-abortion legislation is likely to be passed say they ‘definitely’ plan… Read More

US students not taking enough courses to graduate on time

From Times Higher Education: “Most full-time US college students do not attempt enough credits to finish a bachelor’s degree within five years, the sector’s leading… Read More

They overcame poverty to get to college. Then they saw the housing costs.

From The Washington Post: “Since 2015, the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice has surveyed students both at two-year and four-year colleges and universities… Read More

Colleges brace for a new viral threat: Monkeypox

From Inside Higher Ed: “Monkeypox, a painful but nonfatal virus spread primarily through skin contact, is on the rise … Colleges have not been immune… Read More

Why this fall’s campus housing shortages could be different

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Housing shortages are nothing new. But this year is different, according to Kevin Kruger, president of Naspa: Student Affairs… Read More

Short on housing, U of Utah will board students with locals

From Inside Higher Ed: “With about 600 students still lacking campus housing for the fall, the University of Utah is offering local alumni $5,000 per… Read More

Employers say they still require degrees despite skills-based hiring push

From HR DIVE: “Despite employers deeming skills training credentials and real-world experience more important than degrees, a majority of employers surveyed by Cengage said they… Read More

US sector ‘would take 70 years’ to reach diversity goals

From Times Higher Education: “US higher education is moving so slowly on reaching racial equality goals that it will be nearly 70 years before all… Read More

No, the boys are not doing just fine

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Is there a crisis in male college-going? Or, as Carine M. Feyten argues in a recent Chronicle opinion, is… Read More

Dead malls and future campuses

From Inside Higher Ed: “What we can learn from shopping malls is the necessity of letting go of what once worked. Successful malls continuously pivot…. Read More

Colleges navigate confusing legal landscapes as new abortion laws take effect

From NPR: “In some states, it’s unclear whether individuals could be prosecuted for helping pregnant students get the resources they need to obtain an abortion,… Read More

Amid struggles, an online enabler pivots

From Inside Higher Ed: “Most of the news coverage of 2U’s quarterly earnings call focused, not surprisingly, on the fact that the online program enablement… Read More

Congress eyes income-share agreement reform, again

From Inside Higher Ed: “ISA lenders and consumer advocates alike have been calling for clarification on the legal rules they must follow since the Education… Read More

UK and India agree ‘historic’ deal to recognise qualifications

From Times Higher Education: “The UK and India have signed an agreement recognising each other’s higher education qualifications, in a move that is expected to… Read More

Northeastern gets permission to call London campus a university

From Inside Higher Ed: “Northeastern University announced that it is the first U.S.-based institution of higher learning to be granted ‘university title’ by England’s higher… Read More

Crisis on campus: 60% of college kids are living with mental health disorders, and schools are woefully unprepared

From Fortune: “Three in five (60%) college students reported being diagnosed with a mental health condition by a professional, the most common afflictions being anxiety… Read More

Bills to address mental health, addiction on campus pass house

From Inside Higher Ed: “Two bipartisan bills targeting mental health and substance abuse passed the House. They would create new policies for campuses to carry… Read More

Who should respond to crisis calls on campus?

EdSource: “When college students have mental health crises, a call to 9-1-1 is often the only option, resulting in a visit from the police. One… Read More

Gen Z students want better mental health care access on campus

From Los Angeles Times: “Gen Zers have been more open about their struggles than members of older generations, a pattern that has meant rates of… Read More

Biden sets new limits on for-profit colleges

From Times Higher Education: “The Biden administration has outlined new regulations to crack down on for-profit colleges by limiting their access to federal aid and… Read More

Most students who left college during Covid want to return — but many can’t

From The74: “The survey found that 85% of students who left college during the pandemic say they want to return to school. … It is… Read More

The new labor market: No bachelor’s required?

The Hechinger Report: “The Burning Glass ‘degree reset’ report, which Fuller co-wrote, found that between 2017 and 2019, the number of positions requiring a B.A…. Read More

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