Kiosk collaborates with Bank of Marin for new ad campaign, an invitation to talk

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, and nobody understands this more than Bank of Marin. The Bank began the year by celebrating its 30th anniversary — Kiosk helped design an ad campaign to commemorate the occasion and ring in another great year for the Bank and its San Francisco Bay Area customers. And then the Covid-19 pandemic emerged.

In a matter of months, Bank of Marin went from celebrating the successes of its customers to helping them stay afloat with the economy in decline. The team at Bank of Marin found themselves processing dozens of Paycheck Protection Program loans for their business customers daily as well as sharing guidance and resources in real-time as the situation progressed. Everything had changed, and they wanted their marketing messaging to reflect that — so they engaged Kiosk for an important and time-sensitive messaging pivot.

As a business customer of Bank of Marin ourselves, Kiosk knows how much the Bank values trust and relationships. Its team works tirelessly behind the scenes to understand what their customers are going through, and they provide insight, guidance, and support through a variety of channels. Kiosk designed the new “Talk to us” campaign to reflect the reality that Bank of Marin strives to be a resource for just about any customer concern you can imagine. It’s an invitation to have a conversation and a promise that someone will be listening on the other end.

With digital and print ads featuring real customer concerns — from broad business issues to specific questions about digital banking — the campaign articulates what’s on people’s minds, normalizes their fears, and reassures them that Bank of Marin is here to help. The ads are displayed branch-wide, across local print publications, and on a range of digital platforms.

“We wanted our customers to know that they can talk to us about anything, from anywhere, and get the help they need from Bank of Marin,” said Andrea Henderson, Director of Marketing at Bank of Marin. “Having just worked with Kiosk on our 30th anniversary campaign, we knew they understood who we are as a company. And we knew they’d bring a creative approach to the campaign that would empower our communities and inspire people to reach out.”

The theme of Bank of Marin’s 30th anniversary ad campaign was “Building stronger communities, together.” Although the messaging has pivoted, the core values remain the same. Bank of Marin’s 30-year foundation of supporting, listening to, and guiding San Francisco Bay Area businesses is what infuses the “Talk to us” campaign with meaning. Whether digitally or in person, when you talk to Bank of Marin, you’re talking to a bank who knows you, who knows your industry, and who knows the path forward. That’s a valuable message, and Kiosk is proud to articulate and amplify it.