Helping Bank of Marin offer more accessible web services

Bank of Marin is a leading business and community bank with 27 Bay Area retail branches including three in Napa County and five in Sonoma County, as well as a growing presence in the Sacramento region.

The Challenge

Bank of Marin wanted to ensure that their website was accessible to as many customers as possible, following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Properly followed, WCAG guidelines and best practices make web content more accessible to people with a variety of impairments, and to the assistive technologies those visitors may rely on to navigate the web, such as screen readers.

The Solution

Kiosk performed both automated accessibility scans and manual auditing, checking for web compliance with the most recent guidelines, known as WCAG 2.1. We also evaluated compliance with certain Section 508 criteria and a range of commonly accepted accessibility best practices. 

The Results

Kiosk identified hundreds of accessibility issues, including many on the Bank of Marin’s homepage alone, and many that occurred on every page tested. Armed with a comprehensive accessibility report, Kiosk developers set about remediating critical issues, to eliminate errors. We also provided web accessibility education for Bank of Marin’s web team, to limit the likelihood of future accessibility issues. Bank of Marin’s website is now a much friendlier place for people with different accessibility needs.


Bank of Marin is committed to properly serving all the constituents of our community, regardless of any disability. Kiosk delivered the information we needed to ensure our web presence lives up to those goals.

Andrea Henderson

Director of Marketing, Bank of Marin

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