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Put your money where your heart is.

The City of Novato was looking to build a groundswell of community support for the shops and restaurants in the town Kiosk US calls home.

Shop Local Novato Homepage on Desktop and Mobile
Kiosk galvanized 287 local businesses to support the effort via an online store guide, and delivered a branded, multi-channel advertising campaign featuring 27 local store owners.
SLN City Flags

The goal? To build civic pride and remind residents to 'Think Local First' when they shop.

The result? We saw a lift in retail sales of nearly 5% in the first quarter of launch. Independent research confirmed 92% of local residents had seen the ad campaign. Citywide increases in sales tax revenue made the campaign ROI positive. And the California League of Economic Development acknowledged our achievements with an Award of Excellence.

“Kiosk exceeds expectations in every area of the project, from the level of strategic thinking and the quality of creative right through to their responsiveness and customer service. The Kiosk team is an extremely talented group of professionals who thrive on getting results and adding value at every step.”
Jessica Deakyne
Economic Development Manager
City of Novato
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