A Sonic Boom
in the Heart of the Mission

Sonic is an Internet Service Provider based in San Francisco’s North Bay. In an industry known for low consumer satisfaction, Sonic is committed to customer service, net neutrality and fast, affordable access to the internet.

The Challenge

Cut through the clutter to let residents of San Francisco’s Mission District know that there’s a new ISP in town. Demonstrate that Sonic is excited to become part of the fabric of the Mission District.

The Solution

Transform the Mission BART Station into an art gallery – specifically the train platforms where commuters stand and wait. Kiosk decorated 30 lighted alcoves with vibrant posters reflecting the neighborhood’s rich Latino art heritage. On the station’s mezzanine level, quick, factual ad posters highlighted Sonic’s service benefits.

Taking creative inspiration from the community itself, Sonic brought a little color to people’s commutes. For such a customer-friendly brand, this approach was the perfect introduction to a new market.

Amy Laun

Designer & Web Developer, Kiosk

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Sonic Slide Image'

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