A Revamped Plant Personality Quiz For Traditional Medicinals

Consistently one of Traditional Medicinals’ most visited website pages, the Plant Personality Quiz helps curious customers discover the plants that reflect their true essence. It’s a fun way to provide customers with a unique experience that goes beyond a financial transaction, and it communicates Traditional Medicinals’ brand principal of caring about their customers as whole people. We were ready and willing when Traditional Medicinals asked for our help in revamping this wonderful brand asset.

The Challenge

Design and develop a new version of the Plant Personality Quiz that’s more modern and sleek and that reflects Traditional Medicinals’ new branding. Develop the quiz in an environment where it could serve as a template and give Traditional Medicinals the flexibility to create more quizzes in the future.

The Solution

Kiosk designed a new visual experience that leveraged intimate photography of plants and flowers and customers enjoying Traditional Medicinals tea, overlaid branded question and answer boxes — complete with simple iconography and clever one-liners, and enhanced the results page with a vibrant pie chart showing each plant’s percentage. We developed and built the quiz as a custom WordPress plugin so that Traditional Medicinals can use the quiz template for other quizzes in the future. The final product is a fun, accessible, and customer-centric experience that promotes brand recognition, drives brand loyalty, and makes people smile.

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