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Adobe MAX 🤝AI: Key takeaways from the 2023 event

Generative AI took center stage at this year’s Adobe MAX event, prominently featured in the opening keynote, with more than a dozen mentions, and a… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Majors slashed due to budgets… and other higher ed news

Despite National Pushback, West Virginia Will Cut Faculty, Programs From Inside Higher Education: “Despite pleas from students, faculty members and academic organizations to change course,… Read More

New AI tools set to shake up the creative process

The world of AI continues to move at a dizzying pace. It provides creatives with potential new tools even as it leaves many wondering where… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: 3-year degree programs… and other higher ed news

The First 3-Year Degree Programs Win Approval From Inside Higher Education: “BYU-Idaho and Ensign College will launch truncated bachelor’s degree programs next spring after getting… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Online learning update…and other higher ed news

Online and hybrid learning are increasingly popular. Now colleges have to keep up. From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Eighty-one percent of the administrators surveyed… Read More

A-level results: students securing university places drops again

From Times Higher Education: “Fewer UK 18-year-olds have gained a place at their first-choice university following attempts to reverse the grade inflation of the past… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: The web of college transfers…and other higher ed news

The transfer maze From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The transfer mess is one place where the public loses its faith in higher education. Eighty… Read More

Should colleges use AI in admissions?

From Higher Ed Dive: “‘It’s picked up drastically,’ said Abhinand Chincholi, CEO of OneOrigin, an artificial intelligence company. ‘The announcement of GPT — ChatGPT’s kind… Read More

It is too easy to falsely accuse a student of using AI: A cautionary tale

From Times Higher Education: “Emily is an aspiring lawyer … she submitted a 1,300-word essay about a film by Pedro Almodóvar, the great Spanish director…. Read More

A simple hack to ChatGPT-proof assignments using Google Drive

From Times Higher Education: “Pick any file you’ve worked on in Google Drive, then click on File > Version History > See Version History, and… Read More

Biden has another plan for mass student loan forgiveness. It could be excruciatingly long

From USA Today: “The administration is leveraging the country’s primary higher education law to write a regulation that will allow the government to cancel some… Read More

Wesleyan and U of Minnesota drop legacy admissions

From Inside Higher Ed: “Wesleyan University will no longer consider applicants’ ties to alumni in admissions decisions, the institution announced last week. Wesleyan president Michael… Read More

‘Affirmative action for the rich’

From Inside Higher Ed: “Yesterday the Education Department opened a federal civil rights investigation into Harvard University’s policy of preferential admissions treatment for the children… Read More

Study of elite college admissions data suggests being very rich is its own qualification

From The New York Times: “Elite colleges have long been filled with the children of the richest families: At Ivy League schools, one in six… Read More

Will ‘apprenticeship degrees’ come to America?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Dozens of famous employers—including investment bank Goldman Sachs and other luminaries like Deloitte, GE, IBM, JPMorgan, Nestlé, UBS and Rolls-Royce—have begun… Read More

Proof points: High schoolers account for nearly 1 out of every 5 community college students

From The Hechinger Report: “The number of high schoolers taking college classes has been surging for more than two decades. In what is called dual… Read More

Pipeline or pipe dream? Ten million additional college graduates in twenty years

From Forbes: “A recent report by McKinsey and Company issues a bold challenge: graduate ten million more students than currently projected over the next 20… Read More

Black land-grant universities are being starved while white ones flourish, report finds

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Congress has a chance in the coming months to close a loophole that has allowed states to deprive Black… Read More

One college finds a way to get students to degrees more quickly, simply and cheaply

From The Hechinger Report: “A university where students can start at any of six times during the year, take just one subject at a time… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Supreme Court rulings analysis…and other higher ed news

UNC responds to Supreme Court ruling From Inside Higher Ed: “In a message to the campus, Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz said, ‘Our responsibility to comply… Read More

As Twitter winds users up, Meta’s Threads app offers a place to unwind

With the exception of Elon Musk’s true blue believers, anyone familiar with the social space has been watching Twitter’s chaotic new era with the kind… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Recent Supreme Court rulings… and other higher ed news

US Supreme Court blocks affirmative action in admissions From Times Higher Education: “The nation’s top court voted 6-2 and 6-3 against race-based considerations in cases… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Apprenticeships rise…and other higher ed news

Apprenticeships are on the rise. They’re one answer to the so-called ‘skills shortage’ From Reworked: “‘There’s a disconnect between work and school,’ Harvard professor Joseph… Read More

EDU news curated by Kiosk: Food insecurity for students… and other higher ed news

‘I can’t afford groceries’: Why one-third of US college students don’t have enough to eat From The Guardian: “Students face an uphill battle when trying… Read More

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