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Where graduate enrollments are booming

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Federal data show that much of the growth in graduate enrollments came from unlikely sources. It wasn’t from the… Read More

Can — and should — chatbots help students navigate mental health crises?

From Diverse Issues in Higher Education: “Recent studies … found reduced anxiety symptoms among college students who used AI chatbots. … Conducted by the Healthy… Read More

As enrollment falls and colleges close, a surprising number of new ones are opening

From The Washington Post: “The Roux institute, which opened last year in borrowed space in Portland’s East End, is offering master’s degrees, certificates and professional… Read More

Protesting alleged liberal bias in higher ed, scholars announce a university of their own

From EdSurge: “The University of Austin (is) an institution-in-the-making that describes itself as committed ‘to freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience, and civil discourse.’…So its… Read More

Boris Walbaum, founder, forward college: preparing students to have an impact…now

From Learnit: “Launched in September 2021, Boris Walbaum founded Forward College, a pan-European university designed to develop all forms of human intelligences and skills. Students… Read More

New remote-first university to deliver ‘real-world’ learning

From The PIE News: “Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences aims to educate future generations to create solutions for a more sustainable society, with a focus… Read More

Udemy: Users flocked to technical training content in droves last month

From HR Drive: “October saw high consumption of technical training content among users of learning platform Udemy Business, Udemy’s corporate product, with U.S. users recording… Read More

Ohio State U. unveils a plan for all students to graduate debt-free

From The Chronicle: “Nearly half of all undergraduates at Ohio State University take out loans to help pay the costs of attending college, borrowing an… Read More

Who holds America’s 1.5 trillion student loan debt?

From The Chronicle: “In 2007, there were 28.8 million borrowers. At the end of 2017, almost 45 million people held student-loan debt, more than the… Read More

The proof liberal arts colleges need?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Richard A. Detweiler first released some of the results of his study on the long-term impact of having attended a liberal… Read More

Historically black colleges are top drivers of social mobility, report says

From The Chronicle: “Historically Black colleges and universities are better vehicles for social mobility than are other institutions, according to a new report by the… Read More

Women are leading the way in the ‘Great Resignation.’ Here’s what it means for employers and job seekers

From CNBC: “A record 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September, and 4.3 million did so in August, according to the Labor Department. It… Read More

International students ‘unwilling or unable’ to pay higher fees

From Times Higher Education: “According to data from Canadian recruitment platform ApplyBoard, there has been a noticeable shift in applicant behavior by fee level, with… Read More

First-look fall 2021 enrollment

From National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Fall 2021 enrollment numbers show no signs of recovery from last year’s declines. Undergraduate enrollment is down 3.2 percent… Read More

How the onset of the pandemic affected the 2020 admissions season

From The Chronicle: “Over all, the picture that emerges is that institutions accepted far more students in 2020 and a lower share of those students… Read More

Proof points: Many young adults choose work over college, report shows

From The Hechinger Report: “Low-income young adults appear to be fleeing higher education in the highest numbers because colleges and universities that serve this population… Read More

The crisis in black university enrollment and graduation

From University World News: “Figures released by the Virginia-based National Student Clearinghouse Research Center in early October showed that since the start of the pandemic… Read More

Open doors: US international student recruitment up by two-thirds

From Times Higher Education: “New international student enrollment at US universities jumped by 68 per cent this autumn semester, after a 46 per cent pandemic-driven… Read More

Struggling to fill a dangerous and growing labor gap

From Inside Higher Ed: “Hospitals across the country continue to hemorrhage nurses as many retire or leave the profession … Would-be nursing students appear eager… Read More

3 takeaways from Udemy’s initial public offering

From Higher Ed Dive: “Udemy became the latest education technology company to go public, raising $421 million in its initial public offering. With shares selling… Read More

A new push to create a 3-year degree option

From Inside Higher Ed: “What if students, via an overhauled undergraduate curriculum, could complete a bachelor’s degree in three years, with summer breaks, holidays and… Read More

A fundamental change in hiring college presidents is unfolding

From Higher Ed Dive: “The length of presidential tenure is shortening…More presidents are leaving their positions before completing their first terms…Female presidents have become more… Read More

Student engagement slips as pandemic curtails collaboration

From Times Higher Education: “Less than two-thirds of UK undergraduates feel that their universities have ensured the quality of their academic experience during the pandemic,… Read More

UK union calls three-day strike next month over pay and pensions

From Times Higher Education: “Three days of strike action affecting dozens of UK universities next month have been announced by the University and College Union…. Read More

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