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Binge-watching ‘The Chair’

From Inside Higher Ed: “The series is set at Pembroke University, a fictitious near-Ivy, so in some ways, it’s on a different planet than mine…. Read More

What colleges should know about the new Yik Yak

From The Chronicle: “The social-media app Yik Yak, where users can post anonymous messages visible to anyone within a five-mile radius, returned on Monday after… Read More

The rampant growth of US college tuition is finally slowing down

From Quartz: “College tuition has been rising consistently in the US for decades, but the increase is slowing down, according to the latest data from… Read More

Neighbours open up to Afghan students as Taliban takes over

From University World News: “Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries are opening up to students fleeing the conflict-torn country after the Taliban take-over, amid fears that disruption and… Read More

Online tutoring in China was booming. Then came a dramatic shift in regulations.

From Ed Surge: “China’s ballooning edtech market is suddenly deflating thanks to new government restrictions on lucrative private tutoring companies that serve millions of the… Read More

The great master’s degree swindle

From The Chronicle: “Way back when, it was hard to know if a given master’s degree provided any real value to students. Then the U.S…. Read More

Master’s degrees are the second biggest scam in higher education

From Slate: “For colleges and universities, master’s degrees have essentially become an enormous moneymaking scheme… There are, of course, good programs as well as bad… Read More

Average classroom master’s fee jumps £1,200 for UK students

From Times Higher Education: “Average fees for UK students taking classroom-based master’s courses have jumped by 15 per cent in one year, raising concerns that… Read More

As Covid-19 surges, some campuses will start the semester online

From The Chronicle: “Some universities in Texas and California are delaying in-person learning, opting instead for remote classes in the first weeks of the fall… Read More

Supreme Court won’t block Indiana vaccine mandate

From Inside Higher Ed: “Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, without comment, turned down an appeal of a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh… Read More

Coursera doubles down on degree programs

From Inside Higher Ed: “Inside Higher Ed reported Monday that Noodle, another online program management company, would try to muscle its way into the crowded… Read More

Tough negotiation ahead as US free-college plan advances

From Times Higher Education: “The Senate voted 50 to 49 – in a full party-line vote of the chamber’s Democrats outnumbering its Republicans – to… Read More

Affordable broadband for low-income students

From Inside Higher Ed: “Tucked into a nearly 2,700-page bipartisan infrastructure package currently under consideration by the Senate is a provision that would ensure low-income… Read More

“It pushes you down even further.” Documenting the burden of stranded credits through the voices of those affected

From Ithaka S+R: “In October 2020, Ithaka S+R estimated that 6.6 million people in the US owe a debt to a college or university they… Read More

Elite UK universities take lion’s share of bump in recruitment

From Times Higher Education: “The UK’s most selective universities boasted record intakes as A-level results were released, with students on oversubscribed medical courses being offered… Read More

China applicants replace EU students at U.K. universities after Brexit

From Bloomberg: “Chinese applications to U.K. universities now outstrip the total number of would-be students from the European Union, highlighting the impact of Brexit and… Read More

How HBCUs can accelerate Black economic mobility

From McKinsey: “HBCUs confer 17 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to Black students in the United States, have boosted their students into higher-income quintiles… Read More

‘We’re still behind’: Public HBCUs see record investments, but still contend with legacy of state-sponsored discrimination

From Washington Post: “Maryland’s four HBCUs, for example, will receive $577 million over a decade, after the state recently settled a 15-year court battle over… Read More

MacKenzie Scott Donated $560 million to 23 HBCUs. These are the other things they have in common

From The Chronicle: “…What distinguished the 23 institutions Scott chose from the other 78 accredited HBCUs that she didn’t? … A study led by a… Read More

Clark Atlanta University partners with one million black businesses

From Diverse Education: “One million Black-owned businesses by 2030. That’s the ambitious goal set by John Hope Bryant in October 2020. … Now, in his… Read More

HBCUs are canceling students’ debt, highlighting how integral they are to Black Americans’ lives

From CNN: “More than 20 historically Black colleges and universities have made headlines for clearing student debt using funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and… Read More

Two-thirds of 4-year colleges will not require tests for admissions

From Inside Higher Ed: “It looks like this year will be another in which testing may not be part of the admissions process, at least… Read More

Who’s had Covid-19? A national survey of students reveals disparities

From The Chronicle: “Nearly 7 percent of college students who participated in a national survey said they had been ‘sick with Covid’ during or since… Read More

Coursera vs. 2U/edX? Noodle joins the fray

From Inside Higher Ed: “… The two publicly traded companies both valued in the billions, describe themselves as ‘lifelong learning platforms’… and the main question… Read More

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