Online and hybrid learning are increasingly popular. Now colleges have to keep up.


The next iteration of community college?


Majority of students cheat in online exams – study


Direct admissions boosts applications, but not enrollment


Spending summer in class means these college students will be done in three years


Why fixing the transfer process is an equity issue for colleges

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What just happened at West Virginia University should worry all of us

From The New York Times: “In proposing last week to eliminate 169 faculty positions and cut more than 30 degree programs from its flagship university,… Read More

Students need SEL, too

From Inside Higher Ed: “Adolescence is a time of phenomenal physical and cognitive growth. For the cohort of young people arriving on college campuses this… Read More

Gen z’s declining college interest persists — even among middle schoolers

From The 74 Million: “Consumed with pandemic-era grief, Gen Z’s apathy towards attending college has grown — even influencing students as young as middle schoolers…. Read More

ChatGPT calls for scholarship, not panic

From Inside Higher Ed: “’The truth is that we don’t really know (yet) how students are engaging with ChatGPT, Andrew C. Higgins writes. … This… Read More

A-level results: students securing university places drops again

From Times Higher Education: “Fewer UK 18-year-olds have gained a place at their first-choice university following attempts to reverse the grade inflation of the past… Read More

The transfer maze

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The transfer mess is one place where the public loses its faith in higher education. Eighty percent of students… Read More

New functionality in CUNY transfer explorer

From Inside Higher Ed: “Credit loss and lack of transparency around transfer policies and credit applicability can stymie a student’s journey to degree completion …… Read More

Biden administration releases guidance on affirmative action

From Inside Higher Ed: “The Departments of Education and Justice, which released the guidance together, encouraged colleges to thoroughly review and update their admissions policies… Read More

Judge dismisses suit to halt Biden’s student debt relief for longtime borrowers

From The Washington Post: “A federal judge on Monday denied a bid by two conservative groups to block the Biden administration from canceling the federal… Read More

Partnerships, yes. OPMs, not so much.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Higher-ed leaders continue to rely on partnerships with vendors for campus operations, but as a new Chronicle and P3•EDU… Read More

Scared of AI? Don’t be, computer-science instructors say.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “To computer scientists, the rise of artificial intelligence is no different than the advent of the pocket calculator or… Read More

First came ChatGPT. Then came the over-the-top sales pitches.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The software marketplace-and-review website G2 reported this year that out of 145,000 software products, the top three fastest-growing ones… Read More

ASU sets new record for largest student enrollment in university history

From Arizona’s Family: “Arizona State University has set a new record for the largest student enrollment in university history, with more than 144,000 students enrolled… Read More

Conference realignment is sweeping college sports. Here’s why it matters.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The Pac-12 Conference appears to be disintegrating, and much of the focus has been on the on-field effects of… Read More

Colleges spend like there’s no tomorrow. ‘These places are just devouring money.’

From The Wall Street Journal: “The nation’s best-known public universities have been on an unfettered spending spree. Over the past two decades, they erected new… Read More

Marking boycott leaves international students in limbo

From University World News: “Among the thousands of students at British universities affected by a marking and assessment boycott (MAB) are many international students, unsure… Read More

Should colleges use AI in admissions?

From Higher Ed Dive: “‘It’s picked up drastically,’ said Abhinand Chincholi, CEO of OneOrigin, an artificial intelligence company. ‘The announcement of GPT — ChatGPT’s kind… Read More

It is too easy to falsely accuse a student of using AI: A cautionary tale

From Times Higher Education: “Emily is an aspiring lawyer … she submitted a 1,300-word essay about a film by Pedro Almodóvar, the great Spanish director…. Read More

A simple hack to ChatGPT-proof assignments using Google Drive

From Times Higher Education: “Pick any file you’ve worked on in Google Drive, then click on File > Version History > See Version History, and… Read More

Biden has another plan for mass student loan forgiveness. It could be excruciatingly long

From USA Today: “The administration is leveraging the country’s primary higher education law to write a regulation that will allow the government to cancel some… Read More

Wesleyan and U of Minnesota drop legacy admissions

From Inside Higher Ed: “Wesleyan University will no longer consider applicants’ ties to alumni in admissions decisions, the institution announced last week. Wesleyan president Michael… Read More

‘Affirmative action for the rich’

From Inside Higher Ed: “Yesterday the Education Department opened a federal civil rights investigation into Harvard University’s policy of preferential admissions treatment for the children… Read More

Study of elite college admissions data suggests being very rich is its own qualification

From The New York Times: “Elite colleges have long been filled with the children of the richest families: At Ivy League schools, one in six… Read More

Will ‘apprenticeship degrees’ come to America?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Dozens of famous employers—including investment bank Goldman Sachs and other luminaries like Deloitte, GE, IBM, JPMorgan, Nestlé, UBS and Rolls-Royce—have begun… Read More

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