Lawmakers expand their assault on colleges’ DEI efforts


DEI goals are worthy. Campus DEI bureaucracies fail them


Soros-backed network aims to resist DeSantis’ crusade


DEIxis: Diversity, equity and inclusion empowering context-rich learning


A free online university has grown to 126,000 students. What can it teach traditional colleges?


Biden’s budget calls for $820 pell increase

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Why chatGPT makes me hopeful—not worried—for the future of college and careers

From Forbes: “On the one hand, the kinds of office jobs that will be replaced by AI are low-skilled ones that may not offer much… Read More

Education department will use ‘secret shoppers’ to monitor colleges

From Higher Ed Dive: “The U.S. Department of Education said Tuesday it will use secret shoppers to monitor whether colleges are misrepresenting themselves in areas… Read More

China seeks AI ‘catch-up’ by creating its own ChatGPT-like tools

From University World News: “ChatGPT has left Chinese companies and universities playing catch-up and ignited a new ‘arms race’ with the United States … ChatGPT… Read More

University strikes: Why staff across the UK are taking industrial action

From BBC: “Members of the University and College Union (UCU) are striking on 20, 21 and 22 March. The UCU initially announced 18 days of… Read More

We just got a fresh sign that Biden’s plan to give millions of student-loan borrowers who fell behind on payments a shot at debt relief is working

From Business Insider: “The New York Federal Reserve released its quarterly report on household debt and credit … While it found that total debt balances… Read More

Conservative and liberals split at Supreme Court over Biden student loan plan

From NPR: “The biggest sticking point of the day, though, was whether the six state objectors have legal standing to challenge the student loan forgiveness… Read More

As court debates student loans, borrowers see disconnect

From The Public’s Radio: “Arguments at the Supreme Court over President Joe Biden’s student debt cancellation left some borrowers feeling isolated as they heard such… Read More

How short-term thinking deters colleges from accepting transfer credits

From Inside Higher Ed: “The paper suggests that the default approach at many colleges is to reject credits in part because campus leaders think it… Read More

Millions of men are leaving the workforce. Here’s the lasting impact that has on the economy.

From USA Today: “In January, the share of 25- to 54-year-old men working or job-hunting was at 88.5%, below the pre-pandemic mark of 89.2%. By… Read More

‘Wasted money’: How career training companies scoop up federal funds with little oversight

From The Hechinger Report: “Between 2018 and 2021, these schools took in more than $239 million in federal workforce grants from the Department of Labor… Read More

Nearly half of students lack key academic guidance

From Inside Higher Ed: “Just 55 percent of students say they’ve been advised on required coursework for graduation, according to Inside Higher Ed and College… Read More

Department of Education delays guidance on TPS expansion

From On EdTech: “The US Department of Education (ED) revised Dear Colleague Letter 23-03 (DCL 23-03) to both extend the period for public commenting and… Read More

Essay mills ‘under threat from rise of ChatGPT’

From Times Higher Education: “The emergence of chatbots and other writing tools powered by artificial intelligence may pose a far greater threat to the future… Read More

As colleges focus on quality in online learning, advocates ask: What about in-person courses?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “As colleges’ online catalogs grow, so too has the push to develop standards of quality for those courses. But… Read More

U.S. gun violence raises safety concerns for foreign students

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Two students from China were among five students critically injured in a mass shooting at Michigan State University, reviving… Read More

Oxford and Cambridge ban ChatGPT over plagiarism fears

From University World News: “Eight out of 24 of the elite Russell Group universities have informed students that using the AI bot for assignments will… Read More

Black history month: A time for reflection, assessment

From Community College Daily: “In a recent six-year tracking study, Black students had the lowest college completion rate (28%) of any other racial and ethnic… Read More

Black learners aren’t enrolling or staying in college. A new poll shows why.

From Lumina Foundation: “New numbers for Black Americans eager to improve their lives with college degrees are alarming: Only 34 percent hold degrees, and half… Read More

High costs and discrimination: US study details obstacles for Black students

From The Guardian: “The survey also found that Black students in four-year bachelor’s degree programs are more likely to stop coursework than students from other… Read More

HBCUs see surge in applications after George Floyd protests, help from Black celebs

From USA Today: “There has been a dramatic recent increase in applications to historically Black colleges and universities — up 30% at some schools. Applications… Read More

Class of 2022 left $3.6B in pell grants unclaimed

From Inside Higher Ed: “Using FAFSA completion rates and Pell Grant eligibility estimates, the report found that about 767,000 Pell-eligible high school seniors didn’t complete… Read More

Education department hints at possible delay of FAFSA

From Inside Higher Ed: “The new version of the Free Application of Student Aid might not be ready by Oct. 1 … Melanie Storey, deputy… Read More

Turnitin announces AI detector with ‘97 per cent accuracy’

From Times Higher Education: “Turnitin will make its artificial intelligence writing detector available ‘as early as April’, claiming it can identify ChatGPT-authored writing 97 per… Read More

Why are students so disengaged?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Undergraduate students are struggling to stay engaged in class—and they believe that material more directly connected to real-life issues could help… Read More

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