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Class of 2022 left $3.6B in pell grants unclaimed

From Inside Higher Ed: “Using FAFSA completion rates and Pell Grant eligibility estimates, the report found that about 767,000 Pell-eligible high school seniors didn’t complete… Read More

Education department hints at possible delay of FAFSA

From Inside Higher Ed: “The new version of the Free Application of Student Aid might not be ready by Oct. 1 … Melanie Storey, deputy… Read More

Turnitin announces AI detector with ‘97 per cent accuracy’

From Times Higher Education: “Turnitin will make its artificial intelligence writing detector available ‘as early as April’, claiming it can identify ChatGPT-authored writing 97 per… Read More

Why are students so disengaged?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Undergraduate students are struggling to stay engaged in class—and they believe that material more directly connected to real-life issues could help… Read More

Does ‘flipped learning’ work? A new analysis dives into the research

From EdSurge: “The study considered 173 studies of flipped learning, as well as 46 previous meta-analyses of the approach … ’The current levels of enthusiasm… Read More

US tests new school-university partnerships

From Times Higher Education: “Under a method being tried across several states, small numbers of students who have completed their high school requirements are being… Read More

Tuition revenue has fallen at 61% of colleges during the pandemic

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “More than seven out of 10 community colleges saw that (tuition) source of revenue drop from 2019 to 2021,… Read More

Microsoft confirms it’s investing billions in the creator of ChatGPT

From CNN: “Microsoft … confirmed it is making a ‘multibillion dollar’ investment in OpenAI, the company behind the viral new AI chatbot tool called ChatGPT…. Read More

ChatGPT passes exams from law and business schools

From CNN Business: “The powerful new AI chatbot tool recently passed law exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and another exam at… Read More

ChatGPT could turn writing into ‘technical Mad Libs.’ But could it also spark needed change in higher ed?

From PublicSource: “Professor Chris Girman has an idea for an in-class assignment with his students at Point Park University. … He’d like them to generate… Read More

Inside the post-ChatGPT scramble to create AI essay detectors

From Times Higher Education: “Universities may be more likely to stick to what they know, and whatever is developed by Turnitin is likely to be… Read More


From Inside Higher Ed: “Arizona State University, YouTube and the video channel Crash Course announced a partnership this week that offers online, transferable, credit-bearing courses… Read More

Covid relief money helped almost 2/3 of students stay in college, U.S. says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “According to the report, released by the U.S. Department of Education, over 18 million college students have received direct… Read More

‘A very promising sign’

From Inside Higher Ed: “After more than two years of declining enrollment numbers, fall 2022 finally brought refreshing news: freshman enrollment, which represented the most… Read More

Direct admissions continues to grow

From Inside Higher Ed: “In direct admissions … the student makes a portfolio with their grades and other information that may help a college decide… Read More

Top HBCUs team up with research universities to promote equity

From Times Higher Education: “Leading historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are banding together with the help of the US’ top association of research institutions… Read More

Lawmakers push to allow guns on US university campuses

From Times Higher Education: “The most recent instance involves West Virginia, where the state senate voted 29-4 in favour of legislation to let people bring… Read More

‘Don’t worry’, China tells students rushing to overseas campuses

From Times Higher Education: “China’s Ministry of Education has eased its citizens’ concerns that a reimposed ban on online learning could frustrate their plans to… Read More

UK students skipping meals because of cost of living crisis

From The Guardian: “Students are skipping meals and relying on hardship funds and family support because of the cost of living crisis, with one in… Read More

New survey data confirms mental health remains leading challenge on college campuses

From PR Newswire: “The survey, which compiles insights from student affairs leaders representing more than 150,000 college students, confirms national reports that student mental health… Read More

As students’ mental health concerns grow, one university’s professors say they should get a raise

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “University of Illinois at Chicago faculty say they deserve to be paid more, partly because students’ mental-health needs in… Read More

Destressing 101

From Inside Higher Ed: “In Amy Morgan’s vision, a group of undergraduates sit in a classroom, drawing, painting and making collages at their desks. The… Read More

Amid campus mental health crisis, students work to support each other

From EdSurge: “The Bandana Project started at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The program teaches students how to help friends who are in distress until they… Read More

Bachelor’s degree dreams of community college students get stymied by red tape -and it’s getting worse

From The Hechinger Report: “Four out of five students who begin at a community college say they plan to transfer and eventually earn a bachelor’s… Read More

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