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As student mental health worsens, colleges embrace happiness courses

From Inside Higher Ed: “Ben-Shahar previously taught positive psychology at Harvard, a discipline that’s a couple of decades old and focused on the scientific study… Read More

Republican blitz to ‘banish’ college DEI efforts fizzles in most states

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Of the 38 bills in 21 states … five have been signed into law and one awaits the governor’s… Read More

Many flagship universities don’t reflect their state’s Black or Latino high school graduates

From The Hechinger Report: “In 14 states, the gap between the number of public high school graduates who are Black and the number of Black… Read More

The future belongs to online learners — but only if programs can help them succeed

From EdSurge: “There are some clear changes in the way online courses are being structured now. Insight about this comes from institutions like the University… Read More

Is college worth it? Recent analysis says yes

From Inside Higher Ed: “According to a report released by the Institution for Higher Education Policy Wednesday, a college degree still has value for about… Read More

US lawmakers encouraging three-year degree experiments

From Times Higher Education: “US universities are getting encouragement from federal policymakers to test out three-year bachelor’s degrees, seeing them as a more efficient model,… Read More

Student well-being ‘worse than healthcare staff’ during pandemic

From Times Higher Education: “Researchers from the University of Bolton tracked 554 undergraduates across the sector over a one-year period between May 2020 … and… Read More

Apprenticeships are on the rise. They’re one answer to the so-called ‘skills shortage’

From Reworked: “‘There’s a disconnect between work and school,’ Harvard professor Joseph Fuller told Reworked. He co-leads the school’s initiative, Managing the Future of Work…. Read More

ASU unveils new apprenticeship program for HR tech careers

From Fierce Education: “Arizona State University (ASU) announced a new apprenticeship program designed to expand access to high-demand HR tech careers for ASU students and… Read More

The next big thing in coding bootcamps in 2023: Apprenticeships

From Fortune: “General Assembly launched an apprenticeship program earlier this year, utilizing a ‘learn-and-earn model.’ Apprenticeships are perhaps the headliner here, and, as other experts… Read More

Scaling up: Increasing apprenticeship programs

From Inside Higher Ed: “The City University of New York will add 12 apprenticeship programs to its associate degree programs starting this fall. … A… Read More

Over 1,900 colleges not requiring SAT, ACT in admissions for fall 2023

From Higher Ed Dive: “The tally comes from FairTest, a group advocating for the limited application of standardized assessments. … FairTest’s executive director, Harry Feder,… Read More

Turnitin’s AI detector: Higher-than-expected false positives

From Inside Higher Ed: “When the product was released in April, Turnitin promoted it as having a less than 1 percent false positive rate. Now,… Read More

Don’t want students to rely on ChatGPT? Have them use it

From Wired: “I decided to have each student … use ChatGPT to generate an essay based on a prompt I gave them and then ‘grade’… Read More

The perilous predicament of the very small college

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Enrollment at many of these colleges of 1,000 students or fewer was already flagging … a result of increased… Read More

Career centers get a makeover

From Inside Higher Ed: “Given the rising cost of college and the vagaries of the job market, students and their families are more worried than… Read More

Why students opt not to enroll

From Inside Higher Ed: “More than one in five (22 percent) have decided to opt out because they are not mentally ready, a sharp increase… Read More

More students want virtual-learning options. Here’s where the debate stands.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “For some faculty, the need to accommodate students — some of whom kept attending their mostly in-person classes online,… Read More

More borrowers at risk of defaulting

From Inside Higher Ed: “More student loan borrowers are behind on their credit card bills and loans than before the pandemic, and they are paying… Read More

‘I can’t afford groceries’: Why one-third of US college students don’t have enough to eat

From The Guardian: “Students face an uphill battle when trying to access the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap), the federally funded hunger relief program …… Read More

Campus food pantries expand to support students’ basic needs

From EdSource: “The University of California Special Committee on Basic Needs released a report in 2022 indicating 43% of undergraduate students reported being food insecure,… Read More

Once again, SNAP is a political football: And Americans suffer for it

From The Hill: “More than half of all students, and nearly 40 percent of all faculty at New Mexico’s higher education institutions don’t have enough… Read More

Leveling off at the bottom

From Inside Higher Ed: “Over all, enrollments declined by 0.5 percent across all higher ed sectors since spring 2022, according to the report. That’s a… Read More

State support for higher ed continues to rise. Yet public colleges still face headwinds.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “While enrollment is down at the nation’s public colleges, state funding for higher ed is up — and students… Read More

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