Data is Digital Bricks and Mortar

The success of your institution’s online marketing strategy is built on solid data. With proprietary tools and our expert engineers and analysts, Kiosk helps you generate better data, manage it more effectively and gain powerful insights to craft outstanding enrollment campaigns.

"We all now live in a data rich world, with most attempting to make data driven decisions to drive various efficiencies. But really understanding the data at hand is what separates a good decision from a not so good one. We at Kiosk LOVE data! Why? Because KNOWING the data becomes the foundation for GREAT decisions! "

Chris Ramser

Director, Analytics & Insights, Kiosk

Attribution Funnel/
Pipeline Analysis

We analyze the enrollment journey using proprietary tracking technology. With the clearest understanding of the levers that drive prospects to enroll, we optimize your media accordingly.


Kiosk helps you understand existing trends in the enrollment funnel and when to commit budget to achieve the highest ROI.

Enrollment Predictions

Using predictive analytics, we empower you with the ability to make better decisions based on likely enrollments.

Cohort Analysis

Kiosk can bring a greater understanding of enrolled cohorts, including rate of enrollment and marketing attribution.

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