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Our team of experts knows where to get the information you need and how to make it count. Proven research methods and deep experience in higher education allow us to make sense of multiple data sources and combine goals from different stakeholders to build effective, unified strategies.

Program Evaluation

We don’t just help you find the right students, we help you find the right courses to offer. Using quantitative and qualitative research, Kiosk is engaged with institutional partners to uncover insights about the evolving job market and the skills that will be required to fill those jobs.

Market Sizing

We help our institutional partners better understand the potential demand for existing courses along with the costs to recruit qualified candidates.

Investment Analysis

Cost per student acquisition is a critical enrollment metric and one that is never static. Predictive analytics allows us to plan more cost-effective enrollment strategies and unearth growth opportunities where investments will produce higher enrollment.

"The work highlighting demographic changes to the population coupled with primary market experience of research partner, Kiosk, led us to the development of student profiles that we will now consider for future program development."

Daniel Garza

Former Director of Program Strategy and Operations, University of Texas System

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