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Enrollment Marketing

Enrollment is the Lifeblood of Any Institution

Kiosk draws on a decade of enrollment marketing experience and media expertise to deliver qualified leads for both online and on-campus programs throughout the US and the UK. With experience in mainstream programs like MBAs and Psychology as well as more niche programs like Business of Craft Beer and Catholic Studies, we work with you all the way through the enrollment funnel to help you reach your goals.

Data analytics are the drivers behind successful and effective enrollment marketing campaigns. At Kiosk, we go beyond traditional data by delivering predictive analytics using proprietary tools to help you identify potential growth opportunities.

Getting to Know You

We know that each college or university is unique with a story all its own. Before crafting those stories, Kiosk delves into discovering your institution’s brand values, internal and external perceptions, and the students’ affinity for their school.

Lead Generation

We work closely with our clients to put a strategic marketing and media plan into action to generate quality leads. We apply advanced data analytics to track each student prospect through the decision process along the marketing funnel.

We know the keys and triggers to look for, and how best to react and successfully nurture each lead. To date, we’ve secured 30,000+ enrollments and counting.

"What I love most about Kiosk is how their team brings bright, new thinking to our university’s marketing challenges."


Director, Alumni Development Roehampton University


Effective enrollment marketing demands more than simply creating the right media mix to reach your prospects. It’s a combination of having the agility to make informed, data-driven decisions throughout the enrollment period and having the right messaging reach the right people at the right time. Our proprietary investment modeling will help drive greater ROI for your media budget.

Broad Reach Media

Build brand awareness and keep your brand top of mind through targeted ad placements.

Paid Social

Amplify your messaging in the places your target audience spends time online.


Smart planning and constant optimization result in better performance.

PPL / Affiliate

Driving relevant leads via site partners.


Support for your campaign with highly targeted messaging through prospecting and retargeting.


Connect directly with your prospects with mobile-first web experiences and technologies like click-to-call.

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