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‘Don’t worry’, China tells students rushing to overseas campuses

From Times Higher Education: “China’s Ministry of Education has eased its citizens’ concerns that a reimposed ban on online learning could frustrate their plans to… Read More

UK students skipping meals because of cost of living crisis

From The Guardian: “Students are skipping meals and relying on hardship funds and family support because of the cost of living crisis, with one in… Read More

New survey data confirms mental health remains leading challenge on college campuses

From PR Newswire: “The survey, which compiles insights from student affairs leaders representing more than 150,000 college students, confirms national reports that student mental health… Read More

As students’ mental health concerns grow, one university’s professors say they should get a raise

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “University of Illinois at Chicago faculty say they deserve to be paid more, partly because students’ mental-health needs in… Read More

Destressing 101

From Inside Higher Ed: “In Amy Morgan’s vision, a group of undergraduates sit in a classroom, drawing, painting and making collages at their desks. The… Read More

Amid campus mental health crisis, students work to support each other

From EdSurge: “The Bandana Project started at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The program teaches students how to help friends who are in distress until they… Read More

Bachelor’s degree dreams of community college students get stymied by red tape -and it’s getting worse

From The Hechinger Report: “Four out of five students who begin at a community college say they plan to transfer and eventually earn a bachelor’s… Read More

What happened after the great online pivot of 2020?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The share of students who were enrolled only in distance-education classes dropped to 30.4 percent in 2021 from 45.6… Read More

Income share agreements get a rebrand—and new life

From Work Shift: “ISAs, once the purview of bootcamps and other for-profits, are starting to take off among state governments and nonprofits under the new… Read More

Education department plans to publish list of low-performing programs

From Inside Higher Ed: “The administration is planning to publish a list of programs that are considered to have a low financial value to students… Read More

With student pool shrinking, some predict a grim year of college closings

From The Hechinger Report: “When college leaders decide they have no other choice but to close, there are right ways and wrong ways to handle… Read More

Ban on women students to impact severely on higher education

From University World News: “Many private universities are likely to shut up shop as the overall number of students declines after the ban. Shocking the… Read More

Leading universities cut undergraduate recruitment by a quarter

From Times Higher Education: “New undergraduate recruitment fell by up to a quarter at some of the UK’s most prestigious universities this autumn, data show…. Read More

Faces of 2022: Who shaped higher education headlines this year

From Times Higher Education: “Fedir Shandor. Within the first few months of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, it is believed that almost 1,000 academics signed… Read More

The forces that are shaping the future of higher education

From Inside Higher Ed: “Derek Newton, a leading higher education commentator … has observed, ‘The higher education community has an unlimited capacity for doomsaying.’ How… Read More

17 predictions about higher education in 2023

From eCampus News: “Coming out of the pandemic institutions are redetermining their value proposition and asking questions like: What is the ROI for students and… Read More

Mental health is the top student stressor

From Inside Higher Ed: “Fifty percent of college students cited their own mental health struggles as their top stressor going into 2023, according to a… Read More

The partnership imperative: Community colleges, employers, and america’s chronic skills gap

From Harvard Business Review: “The nature of work has changed dramatically across industries in the last few decades … Nowhere is this more evident than… Read More

Rick Singer gets 3.5 years in prison

From Inside Higher Ed: “Rick Singer, who masterminded the Varsity Blues admissions scams, was sentenced last week to three and a half years in prison… Read More

A year on, edX sale to 2U leaves both sides struggling

From Times Higher Education: “2U’s stock price has dropped nearly 70 per cent this year, provoking extensive lay-offs and glum assessments by industry analysts who… Read More

The end of higher ed’s wild west: Online students must demand quality

From Evolllution: “Understanding the percentage of students who complete their degrees within six to eight years is critical for evaluating institutional quality. But it’s more… Read More

Can a national marketing campaign change the souring conversation about college?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Campaigns by institutions that share a common characteristic make sense in a landscape as varied as American higher education…. Read More

Unusual majors help some colleges stand out from the crowd — and boost enrollment

From The Hechinger Report: “This particular small college has what it says is the country’s only four-year bachelor’s degree in automotive restoration … At a… Read More

Can anti-plagiarism tools detect when AI chatbots write student essays

From EdSurge: “The last few weeks have seen a rush of articles in the popular press detailing how students are using ChatGPT to write their… Read More

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