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Blackboard to merge with anthology, creating massive ed-tech company

From Inside Higher Ed: “Anthology, which emerged a year ago from the combination of three higher education administrative software firms, will merge with Blackboard, long… Read More

Amazon offers to pay college tuition for most US workers

From CNN: “Amazon is offering to cover four-year college tuition for most of its approximately 750,000 hourly workers in the United States, the latest major… Read More

Ministers ‘moving forward’ with English university entry bar

From Times Higher Education: Following the speech, St George’s, University of London principal Jenny Higham asked Mr Williamson whether there would be any move to… Read More

Disparities continue in transfer mobility

From Community College Daily: “Higher education lost about 191,500 transfer students between July 2020 and June 2021, or -8.4% compared to the previous year. That’s… Read More

Transfer, mobility & progress

From NSC Research Center: “Only highly selective institutions expanded their total transfer enrollment throughout the entire year, thanks to an unusually large one-year growth in… Read More

Higher ed’s credit transfer system is broken. Here’s a better way.

From EdSurge: “In order to tackle higher education’s credit-transfer challenge, the U.S. Department of Education, along with state departments of higher education, will need to… Read More

How to fight big universities that stomp on your local college credits

From Washington Post: “Thank goodness for John Mullane, an experienced community college counselor. As head of his own consulting firm, College Transfer Solutions, he has… Read More

More out-of-state students don’t bring colleges higher tuition revenue, study finds

From The Chronicle: “Robert Kelchen, a professor of higher education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, used Department of Education data to study revenue… Read More

Job Corps provides unique path to higher ed

From Diverse Education: “Job Corps is a voluntary program, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), that provides young people from lower-income households, ages… Read More

How a federal college completion fund could be a game-changer

From Forbes: “While some elements of the Biden administration’s higher education agenda have garnered more attention, a potentially game-changing higher education proposal has gone largely… Read More

Improving clarity in Financial Aid offers

From American Talent Initiative: “Financial aid offices across the country wield a powerful tool in shaping these decisions: the financial aid offer. In theory, it… Read More

How online learning fits in this fall

From Inside Higher Ed: “ ‘What I’m hearing right now is almost everyone wants to be in person and they really want to replicate fall… Read More

UK: Charter flight from China sells out in 30 minutes

From The PIE: “An international education organisation that is chartering flights from Hong Kong to the UK has reported high demand from Chinese students trying… Read More

Did Covid break students’ mental health?

From The Chronicle: “So far, the pandemic hasn’t caused a deluge of new psychological diagnoses among students. The emerging picture of Covid-19’s effect on student… Read More

Supporting college students: Mental health and disability in higher education

From Mental Health America: “Despite growing advocacy, students still often go without needed supports, like counseling or peer support. In addition to barriers to mental… Read More

The great disillusionment

From The Chronicle: “The Chronicle interviewed nearly 60 current and former higher-education professionals this summer about how the pandemic and the approaching fall term have… Read More

College move-in was supposed to mark a return to normal. Then came the delta variant

From NPR: “Nearly 50% of colleges are encouraging or incentivizing students to get vaccinated, through outreach to students, campus vaccine clinics and prizes… It’s been… Read More

Biden cuts more student debt but defers on bigger fixes

From Times Higher Education: “The Biden administration is more than doubling the number of borrowers eligible for forgiveness of their federal student loan debt, calling… Read More

What Howard University’s upswing means for other historically Black colleges

From NPR: “Students return to classes at Howard University on Monday, and they’re arriving at a high point for the school. This summer, journalist Nikole… Read More

China and Japan to keep borders shut for another term

From Times Higher Education: “International students have been left hanging once again as summer vacations end and yet another new term starts in China and… Read More

Long hard yards ahead for Australia’s university sector

From The PIE: “The university sector in Australia might take several years to bounce back from the hard hit it has taken since the start… Read More

Race still on to save lives, careers of Afghan academics

From University World News: “Scholars at Risk (SAR) along with dozens of higher education networks are still calling for the United States government, the European… Read More

UK university population becoming ‘more British’ post-Brexit

From Times Higher Education: “The UK’s university population is already becoming ‘more British’ post-Brexit, as plummeting numbers of European Union students means the proportion of… Read More

Demise of the baccalaureate degree

From Inside Higher Ed: “Overpriced, outdated and no longer required by an increasing number of employers, is the baccalaureate in a death spiral? … Employers… Read More

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