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Political divides grow

From Inside Higher Ed: “An initial analysis of polling data from the midterm elections showed that 52 percent of voters with a bachelor’s degree cast… Read More

These 4 in-demand skills are spreading so fast, they’re becoming foundational

From WorkingNation: “In a report released December 1, How Skills are Disrupting Work, the Burning Glass Institute looks at how fast-emerging skills are disrupting the… Read More

Credentialing market is ‘Innovation’ and ‘Chaos’

From Inside Higher Education: “There are now 1,076,358 unique credentials available across the country, up from 967,734 last year. The report also identifies more than… Read More

529 college savings plans now hold almost $400 billion in assets

From Forbes: “According to a new survey, in 2021, American families received $464 million in tax savings and other higher education benefits tied to their… Read More

Risk to global reputation from QAA decision in England

From University World News: “University leaders are warning that the international reputation for the quality of higher education provision in the United Kingdom cannot be… Read More

International students return to U.S.

From Inside Higher Ed: “International student enrollment bounced back last year after a steep pandemic-fueled decline, according to a new ‘Open Doors’ report from the… Read More

Admissions numbers 2023: So far, so good

From Inside Higher Ed: “As of Nov. 1, 727,047 distinct first-year applicants had applied to 841 returning member colleges of the Common App, an increase… Read More

Biden Xi meeting “important signal” as Chinese student numbers decrease

From The PIE News: “‘The meeting between Biden and Xi was definitely softening the past tensions. This is an important signal to Chinese international students… Read More

Payment pause extended amid legal battles

From Inside Higher Ed: “President Biden is keeping student loan payments turned off for at least another six months to give the federal courts time… Read More

Off-campus students lack equitable access to broadband, researchers say

From Higher Ed Dive: “More than 1 in 8 undergraduate students who live off campus lack consistent access to broadband internet and instead rely on… Read More

US students hurt by sudden campus closures

From Times Higher Education: “The new report … analyses the effects of 467 college closures between July 2004 and June 2020 on student outcomes. They… Read More

Is this the beginning of the end of the ‘U.S. News’ Rankings’ dominance?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Less than one week after the dean of Yale Law School announced she would no longer cooperate with U.S…. Read More

Young adults with degrees say they need more real-world training

From Higher Ed Dive: “Individuals with degrees often find their education failed to prepare them for the realities of the workforce, according to Nov. 15… Read More

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky: Skills, not degrees, matter most in hiring

From Harvard Business Review: “Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, estimates there are roughly 10 billion years’ worth of work experience locked up in the heads… Read More

Does racial diversity improve academic outcomes? A natural experiment in higher education classrooms

From ScienceDirect: “Point estimates suggest that replacing one White student with one minority student in a typical conference increases graduation GPA by an average of… Read More

UK offshore enrolment now over half-million mark

From Times Higher Education: “UUKi report records 12.7 per cent increase in transnational education headcount in space of a year … Transnational education covers students… Read More

What the election results mean for higher ed

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Tuesday’s midterm elections appeared likely to bring about a divided government in Washington, signaling an uptick in scrutiny of… Read More

What the election results mean for student loan forgiveness: 4 key takeaways

From Forbes: “Younger voters showed up at the polls, seemingly in high numbers (at least in several key races), which was potentially enough to swing… Read More

Skepticism on affirmative action

From Inside Higher Ed: “Many observers would say it’s going to be a long shot when the Supreme Court ultimately rules on the cases next… Read More

More than 26 million apply for student loan forgiveness

From Inside Higher Ed: “The administration said 16 million applications will be approved by the end of the week. The application for debt relief opened… Read More

Abortion ruling set to influence med school applications

From University World News: “The representative survey of 300 university students from across the United States who are applying to medical school this fall is… Read More

Can enrolling school students help US colleges improve access?

From Times Higher Education: “US colleges appear to be rapidly increasing their class offerings to high school students in search of much-needed gains in enrolment… Read More

Help wanted for 3.4M jobs: Cyber workforce shortage is an acute, worldwide problem

From Cybersecuritydive: “An ongoing shortage of qualified workers in the information security space is becoming even more acute, as a new report from (ICS)2 shows… Read More

Coursera India market may surpass that of the US and Europe says CEO Jeff Maggioncalda

From StartUpStory: “It is anticipated that the corporation will surpass the United States and Europe given its 17 million learners and content relationships with 15… Read More

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