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The 10 fastest-growing jobs of the next decade—and how much they pay

From CNBC: “According to a new analysis from the BLS, the U.S. will add 11.9 million jobs through 2030, many in industries that were hit… Read More

Pearson sues Chegg, alleging copyright infringement

From Inside Higher Ed: “Pearson alleges that Chegg infringed on its copyright by selling answers to end-of-chapter questions included in Pearson textbooks. The answers are… Read More

What will online learning look like in 10 years? Zoom has some ideas

From EdSurge: “In June, Zoom announced the acquisition of German AI startup Kites, which is developing real-time text-to-speech translation that can appear as captions on… Read More

In early days of pandemic, teaching suffered

From Inside Higher Ed: “Global survey finds that although academics believe they met their objectives, students received a ‘lower-quality’ education. Decades of experience in teaching,… Read More

Zahawi arrives with entry bar and loan changes on agenda

From Times Higher Education: “Nadhim Zahawi takes over as education secretary ahead of a spending review crucial for English universities – but he may have… Read More

‘Joined-up government’ key to UK international education goals

From Times Higher Education: “A renewed spirit of ‘joined-up government’ means that the UK’s plans to attract 600,000 international students by 2030 are achievable despite… Read More

AI in admissions can reduce or reinforce biases

From Diverse Education: “Admissions offices have been rolling out new technologies that use artificial intelligence (AI) to engage with or evaluate prospective students. But experts… Read More

Addressing another inequity in higher education

From Inside Higher Ed: “What I’d like to do here is ask what campuses can do to better serve the fastest growing segment of the… Read More

The 1st trial is kicking off over the ‘Varsity Blues’ college admissions scandal

From NPR: “The first trial in the ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ college admissions bribery scandal will begin this week, with the potential to shed light on… Read More

When did supporting the GRE become being antidiversity?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Like so many topics in today’s society, the role of standardized tests in admissions has become polarizing. Somewhere along the way,… Read More

The rise of the UniverCity

From Jacobin: “In his new book In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower: How Universities Are Plundering Cities, Davarian L. Baldwin examines how urban universities… Read More

Six states lead the way in higher-ed completion—with the help of these students

From Lumina Foundation: “Amid huge challenges in higher education, there’s some good news: Students ages 25-34 are earning more degrees at a faster rate–and those… Read More

The masked professor vs. the unmasked student

From The New York Times: “At universities, some instructors are finding the return to the classroom a nerve-racking experience. A few have quit — one… Read More

Colleges ramp up internship resources

From Inside Higher Ed: “The National Association of Colleges and Employers, a nonprofit for college career services, recruiting practitioners and others who wish to hire… Read More

Jill Biden returns to college teaching role with appeal for unity

From Times Higher Education: “Dr Biden, a professional teacher since 1976, began what will become a twice-a-week routine of taking a high-security motorcade on an… Read More

Blackboard to merge with anthology, creating massive ed-tech company

From Inside Higher Ed: “Anthology, which emerged a year ago from the combination of three higher education administrative software firms, will merge with Blackboard, long… Read More

Amazon offers to pay college tuition for most US workers

From CNN: “Amazon is offering to cover four-year college tuition for most of its approximately 750,000 hourly workers in the United States, the latest major… Read More

Ministers ‘moving forward’ with English university entry bar

From Times Higher Education: Following the speech, St George’s, University of London principal Jenny Higham asked Mr Williamson whether there would be any move to… Read More

Disparities continue in transfer mobility

From Community College Daily: “Higher education lost about 191,500 transfer students between July 2020 and June 2021, or -8.4% compared to the previous year. That’s… Read More

Transfer, mobility & progress

From NSC Research Center: “Only highly selective institutions expanded their total transfer enrollment throughout the entire year, thanks to an unusually large one-year growth in… Read More

Higher ed’s credit transfer system is broken. Here’s a better way.

From EdSurge: “In order to tackle higher education’s credit-transfer challenge, the U.S. Department of Education, along with state departments of higher education, will need to… Read More

How to fight big universities that stomp on your local college credits

From Washington Post: “Thank goodness for John Mullane, an experienced community college counselor. As head of his own consulting firm, College Transfer Solutions, he has… Read More

More out-of-state students don’t bring colleges higher tuition revenue, study finds

From The Chronicle: “Robert Kelchen, a professor of higher education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, used Department of Education data to study revenue… Read More

Job Corps provides unique path to higher ed

From Diverse Education: “Job Corps is a voluntary program, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), that provides young people from lower-income households, ages… Read More

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