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Abortion ruling set to influence med school applications

From University World News: “The representative survey of 300 university students from across the United States who are applying to medical school this fall is… Read More

Can enrolling school students help US colleges improve access?

From Times Higher Education: “US colleges appear to be rapidly increasing their class offerings to high school students in search of much-needed gains in enrolment… Read More

Help wanted for 3.4M jobs: Cyber workforce shortage is an acute, worldwide problem

From Cybersecuritydive: “An ongoing shortage of qualified workers in the information security space is becoming even more acute, as a new report from (ICS)2 shows… Read More

Coursera India market may surpass that of the US and Europe says CEO Jeff Maggioncalda

From StartUpStory: “It is anticipated that the corporation will surpass the United States and Europe given its 17 million learners and content relationships with 15… Read More

Getting comfortable with ed tech

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Students’ feelings about learning technology improved significantly this year over last. That’s one big finding in a report, ‘Higher… Read More

Students say microcredentials help them stand out in the workforce

From ECampus News: “Nearly 90 percent of students either agree or strongly agree that earning professional certificates or microcredentials will help them stand out to… Read More

US universities find students way behind after Covid

From Times Higher Education: “The phenomenon appears widespread, from large public universities to small minority-serving institutions, with school-leavers either missing altogether from college campuses or… Read More

International students ‘less satisfied’ in branch campuses

From University World News: “International students enrolled at international branch campuses (IBCs) have lower mean satisfaction with academic and teaching quality, the academic environment and… Read More

Biden suffers court setback on student loan forgiveness

From Times Higher Education: “In an initial couple of victories, a federal judge in Missouri dismissed outright one legal challenge of the forgiveness programme brought… Read More

‘A tipping point for higher ed’: Google launches new, low-cost online programs for high-demand jobs

From Fortune: “Lisa Gevelber, founder of Grow with Google, came to the tech giant with a proposition: Help people ‘realize their full economic potential’ by… Read More

This company aims to become the amazon of lifelong learning

From EdSurge: “In July, the company (Genius Group) bought the for-profit University of Antelope Valley in California, saying it would incorporate it as a portal… Read More

IBM partners with Hispanic Heritage Foundation to provide Latinos with free technology skills

From Campus Technology: “The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) has announced a collaboration with IBM Education to provide IBM’s SkillsBuild education program to Latino college and… Read More

Generation COVID: Record numbers of youth opt out of college, work

From Newsweek: “Enrollment is down nearly 10 percent over the past two years, a loss of 1.4 million students pursuing degrees. At TikTok, where variations… Read More

Despite hopes for a rebound, enrollment falls again

From Inside Higher Ed: “Overall enrollment fell by 1.1 percent … The rate of decline has decreased by almost a third since fall 2020. …… Read More

Number of new Chinese students at U.S. colleges plummeted this fall, visa data show

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The number of U.S. visas issued to Chinese students for the new academic year plunged from pre-pandemic levels, an… Read More

Colleges that ditched test scores for admissions find it’s harder to be fair in choosing students, researcher says

From The Hechinger Report: “One college admissions officer at a large public university described how test-optional admissions had spurred more disagreements in his office. A… Read More

Flipped learning benefits ‘easy to replicate in normal classroom’

From Times Higher Education: “‘We found active learning is rarely present and when it is, it doesn’t have an effect,’ the study’s lead author Manu… Read More

Mission critical: The role of community colleges in meeting students’ basic needs

From CCCSE: Insights That Matter: “The 2021 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) takes a deeper look at these challenges by exploring housing and… Read More

Direct admissions takes off

From Inside Higher Ed: “Last year was in many ways the kickoff of direct admissions in the United States. The company Concourse set up a… Read More

Global network formed to combat contract cheating

From Times Higher Education: “The global contract cheating industry is quick to innovate … aggressively targeting the most vulnerable students using social media. In response,… Read More

UK university staff vote for strike action over pay, conditions and pensions

From The Guardian: “The entire UK higher education sector could be brought to ‘a complete standstill’ before Christmas after university staff voted overwhelmingly in favour… Read More

Judge hears case on whether Biden’s student loan forgiveness can move forward

From CNN: “Six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit last month challenging the legality of the policy and are asking the court to grant a preliminary… Read More

‘An Unfair Burden’

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Parent PLUS — a federal program that helps parents borrow money for their children’s college education — has recently… Read More

I’m a doctor and I don’t want my student debt forgiven

From Times Higher Education: “I am an academic physician at the nexus of America’s debt crisis. Consulting a physician has 23 million Americans carrying billions… Read More

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