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Global network formed to combat contract cheating

From Times Higher Education: “The global contract cheating industry is quick to innovate … aggressively targeting the most vulnerable students using social media. In response,… Read More

UK university staff vote for strike action over pay, conditions and pensions

From The Guardian: “The entire UK higher education sector could be brought to ‘a complete standstill’ before Christmas after university staff voted overwhelmingly in favour… Read More

Judge hears case on whether Biden’s student loan forgiveness can move forward

From CNN: “Six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit last month challenging the legality of the policy and are asking the court to grant a preliminary… Read More

‘An Unfair Burden’

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Parent PLUS — a federal program that helps parents borrow money for their children’s college education — has recently… Read More

I’m a doctor and I don’t want my student debt forgiven

From Times Higher Education: “I am an academic physician at the nexus of America’s debt crisis. Consulting a physician has 23 million Americans carrying billions… Read More

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown of where borrowers are set to receive federal student loan forgiveness

From Higher Ed Dive: “The administration has shared more information about who, exactly, is likely to receive forgiveness. Almost 90% earn under $75,000 annually, and… Read More

What is lost when academics teach to empty lecture halls?

From Times Higher Education: “When veterinary parasitologist Jan Slapeta gave his first regular lecture at the University of Sydney 15 years ago, he found the… Read More

This college recruitment tool could be reinforcing bias, study says

From The Washington Post: “High school students who take the SAT, ACT or Advanced Placement tests can opt in to share their contact information, which… Read More

Has the job of running a university simply lost its appeal?

From Forbes: “The Board of Governors for the State University System of Florida recently appointed Ray Rodrigues, a former state senator, as their next chancellor…. Read More

Where are the students?

From Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: “‘Exploring the Exodus from Higher Education.’ The study, conducted from January – April 2022, included 11 focus groups and… Read More

New Coursera survey: Industry certificates hold strong appeal for college students and employers

From Forbes: “Coursera conducted the new study in collaboration with the market research firm Dynata, which surveyed 3,600 students and employers across eight countries –… Read More

The most-regretted (and lowest-paying) college majors

From The Washington Post: “Nearly 2 in 5 American college graduates have major regrets. That is, they regret their major. … nearly half of humanities… Read More

The Biden Administration’s national strategy on hunger is a big deal for college students

From New America: “The Biden Administration’s newly announced National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health provides a comprehensive set of actions that could meaningfully address… Read More

It’s not clear whether public-college professors have first amendment rights when they’re teaching

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Professors at public universities have no right to freedom of speech when they teach, lawyers for the State of… Read More

Withholding college transcripts for loan payment is ‘abusive,’ federal agency says

From The Hechinger Report: “Colleges that lend directly to their students cannot later refuse to release students’ transcripts as a way of forcing them to… Read More

How the US can make the apprenticeship model work

From Bloomberg: “Many complain that large and growing skills mismatches prevent them from getting the staff they need. While the Biden administration has pushed for… Read More

Youth apprentices doubled in the past decade—but rewards were uneven

From Work Shift: “The number of youth apprentices in the United States more than doubled in the past decade—but racial and gender gaps barely moved,… Read More

Employers sign on to create almost 500 new apprenticeship programs

From Work Shift: “The White House has launched the Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative—a national network of more than 200 employers and other organizations who have signed… Read More

CBO: White House plan to cancel student loan debt costs $400 billion

From The Washington Post: “A White House plan to cancel student loan debt for tens of millions of Americans will cost roughly $400 billion, according… Read More

What are the Liberal Arts?

From Inside Higher Ed: “What does it mean to study the liberal arts, either at a liberal arts college or within a larger university? The… Read More

Platform helps US students sell slots on oversubscribed courses

From Times Higher Education: “The common problem of oversubscribed courses at US universities has met a possible match in a couple of University of Chicago… Read More

How student debt has contributed to ‘delayed’ adulthood

From The Atlantic: “Student debt can lead many people to defer important life decisions and milestones. In a 2001 survey, 36 percent of young people… Read More

The next chapter for learning on YouTube

From YouTube: “To improve the YouTube experience in educational environments, we’re launching YouTube Player for Education — a new YouTube embedded player that shows content… Read More

Why U.S. News may have to rethink how it creates college rankings

From The Washington Post: “As my Post colleague Nick Anderson wrote, the release of the rankings comes with new complaints about the methodology, as well… Read More

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