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Obamas and Airbnb CEO launch $100 million college scholarship

From Bloomberg: “Barack and Michelle Obama have teamed up with Airbnb Inc. founder Brian Chesky to launch a scholarship to support college graduates looking to… Read More

Why Target is investing in HBCU students

From Forbes: “In 2021, Target partnered with the United Negro College Fund to support 1000 students in their first year at the nation’s Historically Black… Read More

Unlike boomers, millennials didn’t find good jobs until their 30s. Here’s what it means for colleges and employers.

From Higher Ed Dive: “Young adults are facing lengthier and more complicated pathways to quality jobs as postsecondary education has grown more valuable in the… Read More

Cyber boot camps fall short for some students

From The Wall Street Journal: “Globally, about 2.7 million cybersecurity professionals are needed—but not available—to defend organizations, according to the International Information System Security Certification… Read More

Colleges should spend covid-relief funds on mental-health support, education department says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Colleges were initially instructed to use the funding for student financial aid and basic-needs support, among other things. …… Read More

The exit interview

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Most of the presidents interviewed here, though not all, have led institutions well-positioned to weather the economic storms and… Read More

Tuition discounts hit another record high

From Inside Higher Ed: “The average tuition discount at private nonprofit colleges hit another record high last year, according to a new National Association of… Read More

An off-brand hire

From Inside Higher Ed: “A newly hired administrator at Morehouse College has sparked divisions and debate among alumni about who can represent the institution. Some… Read More

Decline in male, Black and Latino students planning on college

From Inside Higher Ed: “The percentage of male, Latino and Black high school seniors who want to go to college has declined in the last… Read More

Chinese student flows tipped to peak within five years

From Times Higher Education: “The number of Chinese students pursuing degrees abroad will likely ‘peak within five years, and then enter a track of stagnation… Read More

Zelensky addresses U.S. universities on rebuilding higher ed, bringing back students

From United Press International: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to American university administrators, students and professors Monday to help his country’s higher education sector rebuild… Read More

Inflation swells tuition prices

From Inside Higher Ed: “College tuition largely held steady during the pandemic. Now rampant inflation is pushing tuition costs up, with some institutions approving steep… Read More

Tide of exits without degrees still rising

From Inside Higher Ed: “The number of students in the United States who have attended college but left before receiving a credential, certificate or degree… Read More

Adults can return to college, finish, and thrive—with a little support

From Lumina Foundation: “A new report shows that most adults who return to college can persevere and graduate if they have enough time and financial… Read More

Bringing back students with no credentials

From Community College Daily: “Colorado’s Pueblo Community College (PCC) zeroed in when it learned that about 6,000 former PCC students didn’t earn a credential, said… Read More

Why having two types of elite universities will restore confidence in U.S. higher education

From Forbes: “For decades, a disproportionate amount of attention has been paid to and showered upon a tiny number of the most selective colleges and… Read More

Q&A: Western Governors University provides a model for online student support

From EdTech Focus on Higher Education: “WGU’s David Morales explains how the online university uses technology for a personalized student experience. … WGU just started… Read More

Dips in subscribers and a fight for your attention: How ed tech looks a lot like Netflix

From protocol: “Early last month, Codecademy, the learning platform known for teaching millions how to code online, finalized its agreement to be acquired by Skillsoft…. Read More

Why it’s so hard for college students who are parents to actually earn their degrees

From Money: “About 4.8 million undergraduate students in the U.S. are parents, according to a 2021 report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)…. Read More

A 22-year-old TikToker accepted by MIT, Yale, and Stanford is making six figures helping kids get into their dream colleges

From Fortune: “Khan brainstormed tips and tricks that he wished would have been available when he was in high school. On TikTok as @goharsguide, Khan… Read More

Latitudes: Complicating the narrative on confucius institutes

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Confucius Institute instructors receive little political training and experience minimal day-to-day monitoring while teaching abroad, new research suggests, yet… Read More

Many certificate programs don’t pay off, but colleges want to keep offering them anyway

From The Hechinger Report: “… research from the nonprofit National Student Legal Defense Network and scholars at George Washington University shows that nearly two-thirds of… Read More

Colleges are losing students. Is that a growth opportunity for Coursera?

From EdSurge: “These days, colleges are finding it hard to keep students coming through their doors. … To Coursera … this may represent an opportunity… Read More

The skills fetish is fragmenting education and careers

From Times Higher Education: “The preoccupation with skills is a more recent variant of human capital theory. Developed in the 1960s, this argues that increased… Read More

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