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Job seekers with no degrees – but plenty of skills – need and deserve more

From The Hill: “Policymakers are also starting to remove degree barriers. The federal government recently released new rules that make it easier for people without… Read More

Twilight of income-share agreements to pay for college?

The Hechinger Report: “Purdue’s announcement in June that it was suspending the Back a Boiler program came as a thunderclap in the world of income-share… Read More

These are the higher-ed jobs being refilled at the highest rates

From The Chronicle: “The size of higher education’s work force has been largely restored to what it was before the pandemic began. … The position… Read More

Is scanning students’ brains the next frontier in education?

From Times Higher Education: “A team of scientists … found that observing neural changes in a group of high school students via MRI scans predicted… Read More

Survey of parents: They want to be involved in college choices

From Inside Higher Ed: “An EAB survey of 2,330 parents has found that they have become more important to students in deciding where to go… Read More

Students say room scans during online tests are invasive. Now a judge agrees.

From The Chronicle: “Judge J. Philip Calabrese … sided with the plaintiff in a ruling that’s been described by some legal observers as injecting a… Read More

The case that could overhaul college admissions

From Politico: The Students for Fair Admissions’ lawsuits against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are perhaps higher education’s most-watched… Read More

More world leaders studied in US as UK lags behind

From The PIE: “Of the world leaders who were educated overseas, more studied in the US than in any other country, according to the Higher… Read More

Online leaders: Fully in-person students will be outliers

From Inside Higher Ed: “It’s not that chief online officers expect that fully online education will dominate; they see a blended future, in which both… Read More

Online education is booming, but colleges risk lapses in quality, report says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The vast majority of college officials in the survey — 96 percent — said they’d adopted ‘quality assurance’ standards… Read More

What a new strategy at 2U means for the future of online higher education

From EdSurge: “2U is betting that the broader market for online college programs is changing and may continue to see decreasing enrollments and decreasing average… Read More

Is Higher Ed really ready to embrace hybrid learning?

From EdSurge: “The future of higher education will bring more hybrid learning models—but colleges may not yet have the staff and systems they need to… Read More

Online learning impacting the carbon footprint

From Inside Higher Ed: “While documentation is limited, logic suggests that students enrolled in online and blended classes reduce their campus carbon footprint and provide… Read More

College rankings are ‘a joke,’ Education Secretary says

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Education Secretary Miguel A. Cardona called college rankings ‘a joke,’ and took aim at selective colleges’ obsession with them… Read More

Degrees of risk: What Gen Z and employers think about education-to-career pathways…and how those views are changing

From American Student Assistance & Jobs for the Future: “There are some 11.4 million unfilled positions in the U.S. today, many of which do not… Read More

US abortion ruling leads to surge in students mulling transfers

From Times Higher Education: “About 20 percent of students currently based in areas where anti-abortion legislation is likely to be passed say they ‘definitely’ plan… Read More

US students not taking enough courses to graduate on time

From Times Higher Education: “Most full-time US college students do not attempt enough credits to finish a bachelor’s degree within five years, the sector’s leading… Read More

They overcame poverty to get to college. Then they saw the housing costs.

From The Washington Post: “Since 2015, the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice has surveyed students both at two-year and four-year colleges and universities… Read More

Colleges brace for a new viral threat: Monkeypox

From Inside Higher Ed: “Monkeypox, a painful but nonfatal virus spread primarily through skin contact, is on the rise … Colleges have not been immune… Read More

Why this fall’s campus housing shortages could be different

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Housing shortages are nothing new. But this year is different, according to Kevin Kruger, president of Naspa: Student Affairs… Read More

Short on housing, U of Utah will board students with locals

From Inside Higher Ed: “With about 600 students still lacking campus housing for the fall, the University of Utah is offering local alumni $5,000 per… Read More

Employers say they still require degrees despite skills-based hiring push

From HR DIVE: “Despite employers deeming skills training credentials and real-world experience more important than degrees, a majority of employers surveyed by Cengage said they… Read More

US sector ‘would take 70 years’ to reach diversity goals

From Times Higher Education: “US higher education is moving so slowly on reaching racial equality goals that it will be nearly 70 years before all… Read More

No, the boys are not doing just fine

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Is there a crisis in male college-going? Or, as Carine M. Feyten argues in a recent Chronicle opinion, is… Read More

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